About Us

At T’rente Fine Jewelry, we are known for our bespoke designs, masterful craftsmanship, and love of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry! At this time, we are also introducing beautifully curated lab-grown pieces in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your exacting needs.

Our small team operates out of Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we truly care about every single aspect of your experience with us! Just look at what our clients have to say:


Thanks to Nicci for helping me with the perfect anniversary gift. The work is so incredible and I was treated with such care and love. I cannot wait to get my next order in.

— Bridget Barnardo


T’rente Fine Jewelry LLC is the way to go when you need anything jewelry related. Nicci walked me through every step of the process in the repair of my wedding ring, and her team did an amazing job! Contact her. You will not be disappointed!

— Cinda Voiles


So talented and dedicated to the best customer care - Nicci's designs are unique and with perfection, she will create or amend a piece for you that you will be proud to wear and show off. Extremely satisfied and can highly recommend T'rente Fine Jewelry for your next purchase or redesign

— Lorinda Otto


Nicci is so amazing to work with, she helped source a gorgeous necklace for my daughter’s 16th birthday. She is patient and listens and really has a special touch. I’m so grateful to have found her.

— Cari Bak


Nicci is the best! Super responsive. Highly recommend!

— Amy Bouril


Wonderfully personalized customer service and great selection of all types of jewelry!

— Kim Collins


An exquisite experience of professionalism, quality and responsiveness. I had in home appointments, video changes, and texts, all in a timely manner in the midst of all the chaos. I highly recommend this business for anyone searching for Jewerly. Nicci is true gem. Don’t miss out!

— Yvonne Farrell


An exquisite experience of professionalism, quality and responsiveness. I had in home appointments, video changes, and texts, all in a timely manner in the midst of all the chaos. I highly recommend this business for anyone searching for Jewerly. Nicci is true gem. Don’t miss out!

— Elizabeth Payne


Great to work with Nicci and crew, beautiful diamonds, quality workmanship, excellent service!

— Dolores Kemmerer


I've had Nicci Torrents fix 3 pieces of valuable family jewelry. I've also purchased from her beautiful necklaces! Her work is exceptional!

— Amelia C Martins

Whether you’re local or remote, we’re committed to offering you only the best, and that’s our "Pinky Promise," as we play an integral role in the special moments of your life. These may be simple gift-giving occasions or promises of commitments that you wish to share with each other. And, for every special birthday or anniversary celebration in your life, consider giving a gift that is unique; the right piece of jewelry will communicate your heartfelt feelings.

Our values and promises

All our jewelry is handcrafted locally in the USA with love.

  • We’ve learned that each prospective client appreciates some background information, so as we consult with you and enter the designing phase, we will educate you about diamonds and jewelry. It’s a top priority for us. Our clients say the #1 thing they need is advice, guidance, and assurances from someone they can trust. Even Warren Buffet recommends good communication and building a repertoire. He says, "If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler."
  • We make sure that every design element and procedure followed by our master craftsmen is clearly communicated to you; this is one of the main reasons people choose us to design, manufacture, and fulfill their special requests.
  • We have worked with many hundreds of diamonds, gemstones, and pieces of jewelry since establishing our business in 2002.
  • You can trust us; our expertise is highly regarded, and the level of inspection carried out by our graduate gemologists and QC station has built confidence and trust for anyone that works with us.
  • We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way and will guide you throughout the entire process, from decision-making to manufacturing and the completion of production.

A Word From Nicci

First of all, if you love diamonds and jewelry, then you’re in the right place! Thank you for being here. I am incredibly excited to share what we know and what we can do for you! You all will get to know how passionate I am about diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, and the one thing I value most is finding out from you what you want to communicate with the piece of jewelry you’ve come to ask me about. Is it everlasting love? Is it that I PROMISE you with this "promise ring"? Or is it your wedding-day jewelry, bridal sets, or bridesmaid gifts? Sometimes we also make unique jewelry for your self-purchased item. I love creating collections that you might call your jewelry wardrobe. Mix and match the items, wear them independently from one another, and stack them together so that they look like they belong with each other. I am truly grateful for the time we can spend together to discuss and work out a plan and make meaningful pieces of jewelry, and so I will always say, "Let's take a closer look at this; we need to have a clear understanding of what we're creating to ensure that this is truly what you want."

Nicci Torrente

Founder and GIA Applied Jewelry Professional; EGL Graduate Gemologist; Wife; Proud Momma of a handsome young man Also, parent to three dogs, three cats, two birds, and an albino corn snake!

Meet Nicci (fun facts)

Identifies as her/she

She and her husband are originally from South Africa. Before establishing her own company, they traveled the world as trusted supporters and suppliers to the top jewelry and diamond houses in Europe and the USA. establishing strong relationships with De Beers, Forevermark, and diamond site holders, as well as jewelry manufacturing houses.

The family has been in the jewelry industry for decades (40+ years). Her husband Miq is nick-named "That Diamond Guy," and Nicci is nick-named "Nicci Gems." We often tell people that the real gems are our clients! They fill our lives with much happiness as we work daily on making their dreams come true, spreading joy all around the world!

One of Nicci’s favorite hobbies is horsemanship; it’s a journey. Her favorite quote: "The horse is not here to reward your ego, to compete with you, to punish you, to control you. The horse responds to who you are, how you feel, what you think, and what you do. The horse is here to enable you to learn how to be a better you, and that is a blessing." —Joanna Verikios She absolutely loves, lives, and breathes diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. She dreams about them at night... "When I close my eyes, I see colors and shapes." In my dreams, ideas come to life. Often these dreams are fed by what I’m exposed to; everything I feed myself through my eyes and ears becomes visions, and then... I speak to my appointment, and they share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! Suddenly, a dream piece of jewelry is born. Nicci also makes long wish lists and gives them to Miq from time-to-time so that he knows exactly what she thinks her jewelry wardrobe still needs! After graduating from the European Gemological Institute in South Africa in 2002, Nicci worked for different jewelry companies to gain experience in the industry. She moved with her husband and their son to America in 2012, where she continued her studies on diamonds and diamond grading with the Gemological Institute of America in New York and jewelry design through the International Career Institute. Nicci registered her own company when the De Beers site holder she was working for sold only to the trade; they were not registered as a B2C company, only a B2B company. So when friends and family wanted something that she spoke to them about, she became able to buy it from her employer through her company and sell the pieces to her private clients. And that’s how the business grew, mostly by word of mouth, great referrals, and repeat clients.

She works hard and truly loves what she does. But she doesn’t like taking selfies or doing video promos (tee hee hee).