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Focus & Concentrate Harder * 4 Piece Stone Set *

Focus & Concentrate Harder * 4 Piece Stone Set *

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4 Beautiful Stones that help improve your focus & concentration.


Each of these stones helps in different areas to ensure you receive the best attention.


* Black Onyx

* Red Tiger Eye

* Tiger Eye

* Crystal Quartz

These stones are a perfect gift for you or someone you love.

You can place them together or separately in your home, office or car.

The stones are also a great tool for meditation.

About the Stones:

* Range from 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

* Comes with an information card

* Comes in an organza pouch so you can always see the stones


Crystal Healing is spiritual healing technique that is practiced among many. The information that is presented on these listings is not intended to be a prescription or replace any kind of medical care. See your doctor about all illnesses including cancer.