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Ring Collection

There are so many different ways and reasoning on wearing a ring.  Perhaps one on each finger, some only wear a single ring on the right hand and another will only be wearing Bridal Jewelry.

Tradition has it that the following guidelines could be followed if you're undecided ...

The style of your ring will truly depend on your personality or your sentimental feelings.  But, when it comes to big cocktail rings, most people tend to wear them on the right ring or index finger.

For the Stacking Kind, it's not uncommon to find them worn as a ring (or two) on every right-hand digit, from pinkie to thumb!

Traditionally, each finger had its own symbolism, with the index finger reserved for membership rings such as those bearing a family crest, and a thumb ring being seen as a sign of wealth and power. A ring worn on the right pinkie can also indicate professional status, as these rings are often presented to graduates.

Whichever will be your preference, like or dislike.  We hope that you'll enjoy browsing our selection and find a ring that's just right for you and your moment!