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It is Believed That Pearls Are Associated With Bringing You Love, Luck, Wisdom, and Peace!
They Symbolize Plenty of Personality Traits, Endowing The Wearer With Purity, Integrity, fidelity, Spirituality, and Wealth!
They Were Thought To Be The Noblest Of All Jewels - Queen Of Them All! 

Dark haired woman wearing pearl earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet

"True Love Is Found As A Treasure" - Terri Mooney
"Who Comes With Summer To This Earth
and Owes To June Her Hour of Birth
A Pearl She Should Wear Against Her Skin
Who's Innocence Many A Heart Shall win"
- Anonymous-
Bezel Set Mabe Pearl Pendant


Mabe Pearl Stud Earring with Halo containing Prong Set Diamonds

Oh Essential 14kt Gold Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings


Pearl Bracelet

Royal Pearl Bracelet


Lariat Pearl Drop Necklace
Pearl Drop Earrings
Bamboo Leaves Two Tone Pearl Pendant
Bamboo Leaf Design Two Tone Pearl Drop Earrings
Pearl is a very soft gemstone with little resistance to impact, chemicals, and drying conditions.  Even though they're delicate, they have always been regarded as one of the most precious of jewels because of their rarity and beauty. 
When set in jewelry, pearls are thought to remove problems, strengthen your body and encourage individuality and expansion.  They are the epitome and symbol of purity, excellence, longevity, immortality, enlightenment & wisdom!
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