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Blue Sapphire is effective for channeling healing powers from an angelic or higher source into the healer, and is popular with Reiki healers.  The mere sight of the stone is reputed to bring good luck, and as a guiding gem, it wards off ill omen and the Evil Eye. It ‘s said to be so potent it continued to exercise its good influence over the first wearer even after it had passed into other hands!
Sapphire reflects the color energy of the sky, as one season gives way to another, it marks the beginning of life and emotion. Blue Crystals bring trust, faith, patience, and respect, lending the focus we need to become more sincere, act more responsibly, and become more trustworthy.
Their powerful vibrations are exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.
Use Blue Sapphire to stay on your spiritual path, and for assistance in matters of self discipline, whether routine daily tasks or actions requiring extreme focusIt’ll help you during times of change to maintain clear vision of where it is you want to go and how to get there (courtesy - crystal vaults)

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Long Royal Blue Evening Dress

Multi-Color Sapphire Jewelry in Unlimited Options and Variations, Each Item can Be Customized According To Your Choice Of Metals and Gem Colors - Sapphire symbolizes integrity, love, commitment and fidelity, and over the years has become popular in betrothal rings. It is traditionally given as gifts for a fifth and forty-fifth year wedding anniversary.

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