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DIAMOND April's Beloved Birthstone

April Birthstone Promotion

Have Your Ever Felt Mesmerized By The Dazzling Rainbow Of colors Reflected In A Skillfully Cut Diamond?  Then You've Experienced The Mystique And Natural Beauty Of April's Birthstone - The Diamond!

"True Love Is Found As A Treasure" - Terri Mooney

Not on the Surface as Some Simple Stones;  but by a Master Hand, Carved and Chiseled with such Skill;  Producing Ultimate Joy and Elation;  Our True Love Only To Fulfill!
No Two People Are Exactly Alike, and we Believe each Jewelry Piece Should be Different too!  By Combining the Craftsmanship of Fine Jewelry with the Ability to Customize, we Work With You To Create One-Of-A-Kind Designs, Reflecting Who Your Are and Telling Your Story! 
Earrings Have and Always Will Reign As The Ultimate Statement-Making Accessory!  From Thick, Over-Sized Golden Hoops, Colorful Tassels, Mismatched Pairs and Major Ear Cuffs, we're Amazed By Every Style!  Everyone's Favorite is our Solitaire Diamond Studs ... We Wear Them Throughout The Changing Seasons!
Trusted Supplier to The Diamond, Gemstone & Jewelry Industry. 
A Family Owned Business, Serving the Local Community Since 2002.  Specializing in Bespoke, Handmade Jewelry.
Other Services Include Jewelry Repairs and Consultations For Redesigning or Remodeling Your Old or Broken Items So That You Can Wear Them Again!
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  • Anita

    The most famous birthstone of them all. Cheers to all the April birthdays. Diamonds are beautiful and always the right choice!

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